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North Carolina’s Dental Staffing Source

Are you a dental practice that’s struggling to find quality candidates for temporary and permanent positions? Are you a dental professional who is searching for a new position that’s more in line with your personal career goals and strengths? Instead of doing all the legwork for these goals and coming up with lackluster results again and again, consider trusting in Diversified Dental Staffing for the best outcome.

We’re a dental staffing firm in North Carolina that maintains a network of outstanding oral healthcare professionals with advanced training, reliable experience, and all the proper licenses. We aim to help practices and people alike find the right fit that leads to happier patients, less turnover, and smoothly running operations.

Our Approach to Dental Staffing

Diversified Dental Staffing understands how important it is for dental offices to employ dentists, dental assistants, dental hygienists, and administrative personnel who are not only great at their jobs, but also genuinely care about the practice they’re a part of and the patients they come in contact with every day. That’s why we only find you the best of the best!

When you contact our organization about finding a new team member, we’ll start by sitting down with you for an interview process that’s highly unique. We want to know about all of your requirements, preferences, and even little quirks so that we can ensure the most comprehensively ideal match possible. Then, we’ll compare our notes to our network of available professionals and introduce you to our first choice. Is it still not quite right? That’s fine too – we’ll send out another excellent candidate the next day and so on and so forth until we get it right. That’s all there is to it.