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Finding the newest member of your dental team can’t be as simple as a few surface-level questions – at Diversified Dental Staffing, the last thing we want is for practices to end up with an awkward match that just doesn’t click. Our team will dig down deep with you to determine the true goals, preferences, and personality of the office. Then, we’ll utilize that valuable information to connect the dots to a dedicated and passionate member of our professional network. Simply put, we’ll do the heavy lifting of hiring for you!

How we find the right team member for your office…

When you call Diversified Dental Staffing, we’ll ask you a few questions to find the right professional for your office. For instance, we may ask:

  • For any staff member… What type of dental practice do you run? What are your expectations? What type of personality would work well with your team?
  • For a dental hygienist… What type of X-ray system are you using in your office – conventional or digital? How long do recall appointments last? What tasks are completed during new patient appointments? Is there a Hygiene Assistant?
  • For a dental assistant… Do you prefer a right-handed or left-handed assistant? Which type of dental assistant do you prefer (DAI, DAII, or CDA)? How many patients do you see per day?
  • For your administrative staff… Does your front office team help in the back office? What does an administrative staff member need to know about how you run your daily business? What software are you using?

We want to complete your team with a seamless transition. The more we understand you and your business, the better we can serve you. Diversified Dental Staffing will help you find qualified dental office professionals to meet your unique needs.

The book below is a great resource to have for the entire staff.

Extraordinary Dental Care